What Others Are Saying...

 What Others are Saying...

Thank you for making the trip possible. If I had been by myself, I would've hugged my pillow and stayed in my room!! Now, I can go and feel safe and maybe find myself around. Thank you thank you a million times for helping me to live a dream. My heroes, Vic & Mike!!
                                          Patrice Case
                            Associate Professor Studio Art (Ret.)
                             State University at Geneseo, NY                                                                                                                   

 "What everyone in the class discovered, much to their surprise and pleasure, was that they were able to make wonderful little paintings. I was very impressed with how well everyone did. I tried to peek into the classroom in-between fixing meals to get a sense of how the Copelands work, and I must say I wish I had been more free to take the course myself! Their clear suggestions of how to approach a painting and their clever exercises seemed empowering. They do host watercolor retreats periodically in various locations. I highly recommend them to you." ~
                                  Nancy Wilson, owner, proprietor of Maison Conti, Montmirail, France